Solo games becoming more popular

Lately I have noticed that many new boardgames are including a solo option for play.  This is good news for those of us who do not have a large gaming community or for those times when you just want to sit and play and everyone else is busy.

The solo games that I’ve been playing are: Robinson Crusoe, Battle for Greyport, and of course Mythos Tales.

Solo game are great for entertaining yourself and getting a board game experience without having to wait for other people.  I’m surprised at how theme and style can shape the experience between games.  Mechanically most solo game are the same: draw some cards, roll some dice, review the results, repeat.

The nice thing about a well put together solo game is that the theme comes through and you feel like you are exploring a deserted island, or fighting off an invasion force, or tracking down a mystery.  Many solo games are great at this.