Legendary Encounters: Predator (Review)


After playing several games of Legendary Encounter: Alien I was very excited to get time to sit down with Predator.  The setup for Predator is a little more complicated since there’s really four different games in the box.  There are two games where you play through each of the two movies trying to achieve objectives from the plot.  In game one you have to find and eliminate the rebel camp, then set up a defensive position, and finally “Get to da Choppa”  Game two is the plot of the second movie.  The other two games put you in the same settings, but you take on the role of the predator hunting trophies.  This means that you have separate strike, coordinator, and barracks decks.  You need to find the right set of decks for the species that you are playing.

I played two solo games and this game is tough.  It felt much more difficult than Alien.  Many of the cards have reveal effects and they are awful.  I wound up losing expensive and powerful cards from my deck thanks to a few of these reveal effect enemies.  That was enough to cause my next few hands to be so weak that I was overwhelmed with predators and slaughtered on my way to da choppa.

The second game had me well into the second objective event cards before I had cleaned out the rebel camp.  I managed to beat back the rebels and set up my defenses before the really dangerous enemies appeared.  It was very close.  I managed to jump on da choppa with three predators on my heels looking to give me enough strike cards to kill me.

I like this game.  It is a wonderful, tense, and at time scary solo experience.  Just like the Alien game you take cards face down off the event deck and put them into the wilds.  You don’t know what sort of danger you’re facing until you scan it and sometimes scanning along costs you dearly.

I have not played the Alien/Predator crossover game but that’s next on my list.